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The natural position of your home or office relative to its natural environment is a major factor when considering the possibility of future water damage or basement flooding. Understanding where your house is built in relation to land elevation & sloop is important when planning to prevent basement flooding. Using low-quality materials in conjunction with poor craftsmanship is a recipe for disaster and will likely result in water damage and basement flooding.

Water Drainage System

Improper installation of underground drainage system by your home builder can cause many complications and are not likely to be discovered until a basement flood damage occurs. However, you can do your part to prevent a basement flood. Proper maintenance of your sump pump includes having a back up power source. Even this precaution will fail if the builder makes a mistake.

French drain installation can be a great defense against basement flooding. If you live in the Northern VA or Southern MD area and plan to use your basement as living space, then French Drain Installation is highly recommended as a defense against water damage.

Maintaining your gutters and ensuring they are clear of debris is essential to protecting your home from water damage. Clogged gutters can lead to ceiling and wall water damage. When gutter water is not directed away from the home, it puts pressure on basement perimeters which then increases the likelihood of flooding and water damage in the basement.

Foundation Cracks & Leaks

Foundation cracks can be tiny but turn into a major water damage cleanup. High humidity levels are the result of leaky pipes, water intrusion, foundation cracks and many other water damage issues. Mold growth is a secondary damage caused by water, in gas or liquid form. Foundation cracks become weaker by poor drainage. As the ground becomes over saturated, the pressure per square inch increases as does the chance for basement flooding and basement water damage.

Home Additions

Making additions to your home must be carefully planned. Increased water pressure around a basement perimeter is almost a certainty when additions do not align with precision. The risk of basement flooding is higher when water pressure around a basement foundation is multiplied.