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For all the usefulness of appliances, they can also cause a lot of damage if you aren’t careful. Appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and others that use large amounts of water are notorious for causing flooding and water damage. To help you avoid this hazard, here are the five most flood-prone appliances and what you can do to prevent this from happening according to our water damage restoration experts at TCM Restoration.

 Always Be Vigilant

First and foremost, the key to effective water damage prevention is always remaining vigilant for any potential water damage issues. One way you can do this is by acting immediately if you detect any potential issues. Don’t sweep them under the rug or put it off until another day. Act right away to determine if there is a real issue and how serious it is. If you do detect a real problem, call for help right away so it can be neutralized immediately.

Inspect Supply Hoses

You should also check the supply hoses leading to your appliances to ensure that their connections are water-tight and that they do not show signs of damage. Loose supply hoses are an extremely common source of water damage for a number of appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Keep in mind that damage to these hoses may not be visible, so you should replace the supply hoses on your washing machine and dishwasher every five years.

Don’t Run Appliances Unattended

You should only run your washing machine and dishwasher when someone is at home to monitor things. This way you can stop running your appliance at the first sign of a leak or other malfunction. It is really easy to fall out of the habit of doing this since it is so much more convenient to run then any time you want. Nonetheless, it is wise to only run your appliances when people are around the house. That way if a leak does begin, someone can notice it and put a stop to it immediately.

Always Follow The Manufacturer Instructions

Following manufacturer instructions is important for many reasons. You should read the instructions to know how often you should have your appliances maintenances, what the different safety concerns are, and how to clean and maintain them. Put simply, the manufacturer instructions are an important lifeline for keeping your appliances in good repair not something you should throw in the trash.