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We Provide More than Emergency Flood Restoration Services

While our expertise is helping our clients deal with major, sudden flood and water damage events, we provide many different services that you may not know of. A massive pipe bursting in your home is a perfectly legitimate reason to give us a call, but there are also more subtle household events that can use the trained eye of a skilled water damage professional.

Remember, no project is too big or too small for San Diego Flood Restoration. We have completed projects in small residential homes and apartments. We have performed major restoration efforts in large commercial areas such as the buildings of Coronado Middle School. If you have a water damage project, we will be there to take care of it.

Carpet Cleaning

San Diego Flood Restoration offers high-quality carpet cleaning services at very competitive prices. Because we have a background in major flood damage events, we go beyond the simple aesthetics of your carpet and restore the material deeply and thoroughly. We often offer special deals on our carpet cleaning services as well, which can be accessed by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

Residential Generator Rental

The American Red Cross states that In the event of a blackout, having a home generator is the greatest way to ensure the safety of your home and protection of your family. During San Diego summers, the electrical grid can overload, leaving entire neighborhoods without power. This actually happened a short time ago in Coronado. If you need a generator in a hurry, for any reason, you can always contact San Diego Flood Restoration.

Sewage Cleanup

While this may fall under the category of “water damage,” we treat sewage water as an entirely different type of project. Raw sewage cleanup is nothing to take lightly, as this “black water” is filled with hazardous materials and dangerous pathogens. Only industry experts and professionals should go anywhere near sewage water. San Diego Flood Restoration has the ability to handle your sewage water restoration project, so leave the contaminated area and call us immediately.